Is your website performing as it should? Let us go behind the scenes to ensure your web technology isn’t holding you back

How your website is built and set up matters just as much as the words and the pages themselves. With this in mind, we will always work to ensure that your website is as “SEO friendly” as possible; for example we will look at your hosting, the speed of your website, the way it is coded and the platform it uses.

Though rare now, sites were often built using flash technology. Whilst this would give an exceptional visually interactive site, search engines were unable to read the content and as such couldn’t understand what it was about.

Critically we also conduct in depth analysis of your meta data, this includes your pages title tags, meta descriptions and also if additional items like Schema Mark-up or Canonical tags have been implemented and if so, ensure they have done so correctly.

We will always be open and honest about what we see and what we have learnt and will give you what we feel to be the best recommendations to progress your organic search.


Our Technical SEO experts have vast experience working with businesses from a huge range of different sectors. Our Technical audits will show you just how you can optimise your website to become more visible on search engines to increase your traffic and conversions.

Our experienced team are here to help. If you’d like to see how we can make your website SEO friendly, Contact Us today.