Taking the noise out of your data. Capturing your data from all online channels to create your Data Story, so you can make informed business choices

Your data can be captured from multiple channels including CRM, Social, Google Analytics, Website Analytics and so much more. Capturing this data and using it to create your data story will give your business the insight it needs to ensure the business decisions you make are informed and current.

Our experienced team have provided business intelligence insight for many of our clients from all business segments to ensure they have a clear picture and understanding of how their business is performing for a data driven strategy.

Our team uses leading technology and software that will reveal more about your website, business, visitors and marketplace alongside analytics expertise to thoroughly review where your business sits right now and its opportunities for growth. Using these platforms allows us to optimise the analytics and get you the insight you need for success.

The data team can provide the following services:

Audience Profiling & Digital Behaviour
We can provide real-time 360° audience intelligence on a niche customer segment.

Competitor Analysis
We can identify the key competitors that impact your digital marketplace and detail their online strategy, keywords and budgets.

Conversion Optimisation Audit
Our website audits include data analysis to ensure that your website is optimised to convert.


Our UX professionals will review your website for best practice and conversion optimisation.

Website Performance and Analytics Audits
We can ensure that your current analytics is set up correctly to track and capture key performance data for your business. We can produce monthly performance reports to monitor the performance of your website and uncover key insights to support decision making.

Business Intelligence Reporting and Insight
Our BI reporting and dashboards allows us to add value through data blending, visualisation and automation.

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