Make smarter, faster decisions

To be a data-driven marketer, you need to do more than just analyse data. You need insights that drive action and deliver a better ROI and Domo has the expertise to help you achieve exactly this. Stay ahead of the curve by connecting directly to relevant business data and put the right information at your fingertips at the simple click of a button.

Why Domo?

  • Puts an end to manual reporting by automating all the data you need in real time
  • Combine campaign and channel metrics with information from other departments to see whether you’re making an impact
  • Visualise campaign performance and gain real-time insights so you know whether to carry on as you are or change course
  • Track campaigns to create a data-driven marketing story and prove your worth with actual data
  • Monitor campaign performance by channel
  • Access revenue contributions for each individual campaign
  • Get instant notifications when key metrics need attention


Here at Big Group, we pride ourselves on being data and insight experts. We can help you to streamline your reporting, share information across your organisation with ease and use your data to uncover valuable insights and turn them into successful marketing campaigns.

To discover how Domo can help you to make smarter, faster decisions, contact us today for more information.