Utilising the best Tag Management Platforms to ensure your website runs smoothly, using the functions to their full potential to meet your data needs

Websites are becoming more and more complex and understanding how well they are engaging and converting visitors at every step is fundamental to optimising your site. Tag management is a great way to track events and goals on your website.

There are many different Tag Management solutions that can be implemented on your website but we tend to choose Google Tag Manager as it is widely supported and is continually being improved.

GTM (Google Tag Manager) is made up of 3 elements – Variables, Triggers and Tags which work together to capture user actions on the website and feed them back into Google Analytics which in can then be analysed and reported on.

Additional tracking pixels like Facebook, twitter, Hotjar etc. can also be added directly to the google tag manager which removes the need for other code to be added to your website which could cause conflict issues.


Google Tag Manager saves you time, it is easy to implement and allows you to track complex actions on the website to give you a better understanding of how people are using your website. If you have goals set up you can easily review them to ensure they working and converting.

Here at Big Group Insight our team will carry out a full Google Tag Manager review and work with your Google Analytics to ensure that your tracking has been set up correctly and that you are tracking everything that is valuable to your business.

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