Who are your competitors and what are their marketing strategies? Our insightful analysis reports will keep you one step ahead of the competition

Using various competitor analysis software tools, we are able to identify the key competitors that impact your digital marketplace through your website visitor clickstream and by market share analysis. By revealing your competitor’s best organic or paid keywords and uncovering their traffic volumes, channels and budgets we can give insight into your competitors online marketing strategy.

Your competitor analysis report will detail your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses allowing you to build a strategy and keep you ahead of the game.

Your Competitor Report will include:

Channel Analysis
Identifying the traffic volumes being sent to your competitor’s websites and the traffic sources and revealing competitor metrics around Organic, Paid, Social and linking traffic to help you position your website in your competitive peer group and underpin a growth strategy.

Keyword Analysis
Providing you with the Organic and Paid keywords that are driving traffic to your competitor site. Discover where the keywords compete and share the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) with you, giving you the opportunity to focus on keyword optimisation to increase your online presence and market share where it counts.


Clickstream Analysis
We will uncover your true online competition by analysing your upstream and downstream traffic. By identifying websites visited before and after your website we can identify who shares your online market place. We can reveal the consumer’s digital behaviour online in terms of social channels they are using and competitive sites they are also browsing. This knowledge will underpin a successful reach strategy and help you better understand the competitive landscape better.

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