Want to know who visits your website, what they buy and where they go? Our audience profiling service will help your business find the right audience

Using our Hitwise and Audience View software we can provide real-time 360° audience intelligence on a niche customer segment.

Our leading audience profiling software tools can identify who your visitors are, their online behaviour and their detailed lifestyle demographics. What’s more we can also identify distinct personas who visit your website or are interested in a particular product, service or industry, giving you the opportunity to make informed choices and deliver an optimised marketing campaign.

Discover who your customers are, where they go and what they like….

How can Audience Profiling offer fundamental Business Intelligence?

  • Customer Acquisition Growth & Gap Analysis
  • Content Development
  • Product and Offer Development and Audience Sizing
  • Communication Strategies
  • Targeting for Paid and Display Advertising
  • Affiliation Opportunities


Customer Acquisition Growth and Gap Analysis
We can tell you who your loyal and valuable audiences are and how to grow them. We can advise how your audience differs from your competitor’s customers and how to reach them.

Content Development
We can reveal your audiences’ interests enabling you to produce content and messaging that engages and converts.

Product and Offer Development and Audience Sizing
We can size up the market demand for new products, offers or services and profile the audience that is interested in them.

Communication Strategies
We will advise the communication preferences of your target audiences enabling you to build an effective multi-channel communication strategy and effectively engage the different personas visiting your website through relevant mediums.


Targeting for Paid and Display Advertising
Understanding the digital behaviour of your target market underpins a successful online marketing strategy. Data driven insight allows relevant keyword selection, engaging content development, accurate prospect targeting and the ability to reach consumers in the places they visit online.

Affiliation Opportunities
Validate your affiliation strategy by understanding how your audience compliments potential affiliates.

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